$13.2 Million Settlement Reached in Personal Injury Suit

$13.2 Million Settlement Reached in Personal Injury Suit

A personal injury lawsuit filed by a longshoreman who was crushed by a steel shipping container settled last week for $13.2 million. The settlement is believed to be one of the largest in South Carolina history.

Michael Clarkin suffered serious back, neck and nervous system injuries when a shipping container—a 20 foot long steel box—dropped onto the roof of his Ford Explorer. The machine lifting the container had a design defect that caused it to malfunction and drop the box.

The incident occurred in November 2004 and since that time Clarkin has been prone to outbursts of anger and other mental issues, his wife testified.

Clarkin and his family sued Kalmar Industries, Gregory Poole Equipment Co., and the State Ports Authority. Court records showed that the Ports Authority’s liability was capped at $140,000.

(Source: Wilmington Star online)

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