Pit Bull Rampage Mauls Illinois Boy

Pit Bull Rampage Mauls Illinois Boy

Nick Foley, a 10-year-old boy in Cary, Illinois was left in critical condition after three pit bulls mauled him and others yesterday.  The pit bulls escaped from a house nearby and attacked over six people before the police arrived and shot and killed them.

McHenry County police are investigating the situation and location as a crime scene.

Children who had been going door-to-door in a fund-raising drive rang the doorbell of the man who owned the dogs, 41-year-old Scott Sword.  It was then that the dogs ran out and began mauling and attacking the boy.

Witnesses reported seeing and hearing the boy screaming and being attacked by all three dogs.  The owner of the dogs tried to subdue them, according to reports, but was also bitten.  Neighbors and other people tried to stop the attack and were bitten as well.

People tried beating the dogs with baseball bats, throwing rocks, honking their car horns, and yelling at them all to no avail during the approximately 15 minute incident.

Foley's friend, 10-year-old Jordan Lamarre, was also hospitalized, and is now in serious condition.

The attack comes just one week after another 10-year-old in Colorado was also mauled by a pack of pit bulls attacking him in his family’s back yard.  That boy was also hospitalized and is still in critical condition at this time.

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