Woman Sues over Pit Bull Attack

Woman Sues over Pit Bull Attack

An elderly dog bite victim has filed a lawsuit against the owner of the dog who attacked her. The dog owner was already convicted of harboring a vicious animal, and now the woman seeks compensatory and punitive damages.

The suit, filed on behalf of Lynetta Jones against Paul Watson in Washington County Circuit Court, claims that Jones was “viciously attacked” by Watson’s pit bull.

On the day of the attack, Jones was walking to her mailbox as Watson’s young daughter approached with the pit bull on a leash. According to the suit, the dog pulled free of the daughter, and attacked Jones when it saw her. It grabbed hold of her left arm and shook it violently.

A passing motorist came upon the attack in progress and helped Jones get away from the dog and into his car, the suit said.    

The police were notified. Jones was taken to the hospital by ambulance where she received treatment for her arm, the suit said.

The suit alleges that Watson knew the dog was dangerous and aggressive, and that the dog had exhibited aggressive behavior before.

The suit stated that Watson should have known, or did know that his young daughter would not be able to contain the dog if it wanted to attack. It said that she should not have been allowed to walk the dog unassisted.

Watson was found guilty of harboring a vicious animal, and the court ordered him to take the dog out of the city.

The suit accuses Watson of negligence in failing to secure the dog and allowing his young daughter to walk it, and that the negligence caused Jones’ injuries.

Jones seeks compensation for her disfigurement, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Jones also seeks punitive damages, alleging willful and wanton conduct in keeping the dangerous animal.

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