$25 Million Awarded to Family of Plane Crash Victim

$25 Million Awarded to Family of Plane Crash Victim

A Florida family has been awarded $25.2 million for the wrongful death of chaplain Steve Ross of Boca Raton in a tragic plane accident. The plane crash occurred on June 16, 2003 when two small planes collided due to faulty navigational direction from control towers operated by Robinson Aviation, a private contractor.

The Cessna 182 plane model, which Ross and his friend Douglas Bauer were flying home from a missionary trip in the Bahamas, collided with the Cessna 172 plane that was carrying Johnny Mark Willey, a flying student of the Gulfstream Training Academy and his wife and daughter.

All five lives were tragically lost when the planes crashed down in the water off the coast of Deerfield Beach in Florida.

The lawsuit brought by the wife and four children of Steve Ross alleged that, “Robinson Aviation otherwise directed or failed to direct air traffic so as to avoid the midair collision of the two aircrafts.”

The Broward County court jury awarded the Ross family $1.2 million for economic damages, in addition to $24 million for the pain and suffering of his widowed wife and four surviving children.

The family also took legal action against the Gulfstream Training Academy, alleging that pilot Johnny Willey was, “not fit, qualified or properly trained,” which contributed to the wrongful death of five lives.

Gulfstream Training Academy reportedly reached a confidential settlement with the Ross family.

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