Manhattan Plane Crash Kills Yankees Pitcher

Manhattan Plane Crash Kills Yankees Pitcher

A small airplane crashed into the side of a high-rise luxury condominium building Wednesday, killing Yankees Pitcher Cory Lidle, and a flight instructor, who were both onboard.

The two were on what was supposed to be a leisurely flight around New York when something went wrong as the plane neared the Manhattan building on a hazy and cloudy afternoon.

The plane crashed into the building, setting afire the 29th through 31st floors, which were labeled as the 39th through 41st floors despite the fact that the building is only about 40 stories tall.

Residents on those levels have not yet been allowed to return to their homes.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety board are sorting through the wreckage to try to determine the cause of the accident. They are examining Lidle’s flight log book, taking fuel samples, looking at maintenance records, and examining “anything that will give us a clue about what happened,” said Transportation Safety Board member Debbie Hersman.

The cause of the crash is still undetermined, but most have ruled out terrorism and suicide.

“There’s a significant amount of damage,” Hersman said. The bodies and debris fell to the street from 31 stories up. The plane’s propeller detached from the engine and landed on an apartment floor.

The small, four-passenger airplane, registered to Lidle, was a 2002 Cirrus SR20. It had a parachute which was designed to let the plane float safely to the ground in the event of an emergency. In this case, the parachute was not deployed.

NTSB records show that there have been 12 accidents involving this plane model. Two of those accidents involved engine failures.

At least 21 people were taken to the hospital as a result of the crash, and more than half of them were firefighters.

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