Polaris Expands ATV Recall

Polaris Expands ATV Recall

According to recent reports, Polaris Industries has expanded the recall of a series of its all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

The ATVs were found to pose potential risks to riders and the company has issued the voluntary recall to ensure the safety of consumers throughout the country.

ATVs Found to be Defective

The ATVs that have been recalled were reportedly found to have defective Electronic Control Modules (ECM) that could overheat.

This is viewed as a serious defect seeing as if the ECM overheats, a fire could start and severely injure ATV riders.

More Reports of Problems

Polaris announced the expansion of their initial recall in February.

Since this time, there have reportedly been more reports of ECMs melting and reports of smoke and fire linked to the ECM on the ATVs.

Additional Recall Forced

This additional recall has been forced following the increase in complications with the ATVs manufactured by Polaris Industries.

The recalled ATVs were reportedly sold under market names: Scrambler 500 and Sportsman 400,500 or 6x6.

(Source: ATV Info)

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