Settlement Reached in Police Attack Suit

Settlement Reached in Police Attack Suit

A settlement was recently filed regarding a 2004 police assault in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

The Seaside Park Police Department and its officers, who were accused of falsely arresting and beating two young men outside of a nightclub, have been fined $425,000.

False Arrest

After being kicked out of the Sawmill Tavern, Brian Taylor and Sean Foley claimed that they were falsely arrested and sent to the Police Department’s booking room.

While sitting on the booking room bench complaining of their false arrest, one of the officers, Sgt. James F. Boag Jr., allegedly attacked Foley, throwing him up against the wall, then beating him to the ground.

Taylor reportedly watched helplessly as other officers held down his friend and continued kicking and punching him.

Taylor, who was 22-years-old at the time, claims that pepper spray was used and some was even sprayed into his mouth.

The Suit

After the incident, the boys maintained their innocence and took the officers to court.

Foley claimed he suffered from shoulder and wrist injuries and recalled that the men seemed to be “having fun” while kicking him on the ground.

In his lawsuit, Foley claimed that he and Taylor were falsely arrested and abused by the officers who used excessive force.

Foley also told the jury that he was filing the suit in part because he had no medical insurance to pay for the treatment of his injuries.


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