Man Sues Police Officer for False Arrest

Man Sues Police Officer for False Arrest

A Michigan man has filed a suit against a Cambridge township police officer who he claims falsely arrested and imprisoned him last year.

The man believes the police officer was acting in retaliation at the time of his arrest and is seeking justice for this alleged wrongdoing.

The Incident Leading to the Suit

Thomas Hunt, a Franklin Township resident, was reportedly stopped and arrested by Sgt. Greg Hunt at the International Speedway during a Onsted Kiwanis Club car show.

Hunt says he was pulled out of his car, handcuffed and released later that night on charges of driving recklessly and failing to stop when signaled by the officer.

Hunt filed the suit in Lenawee County charging Sgt. Hunt with false arrest and false imprisonment.

The Allegations

The plaintiff claims that Sgt. Hunt was retaliating against him due to an incident that had occurred the night before when some participants in the show gathered with their classic cars.

Sgt. Hunt was reportedly stopping cars and checking their registrations claiming some of the cars had invalid license plates.

The suit states that while Hunt was checking plates, Thomas Hunt’s wife called the officer a “stupid jerk” in passing and Sgt. Hunt’s wife over heard.

The next day, Hunt claims the officer “In an act of retaliation, stopped his vehicle and forcibly restrained him.”

“In a violent fashion, the officer thrust the plaintiff against the car,” the suit goes on to say.

According to Hunt’s attorney, Michael Cutler, “the arrest was motivated by a personal vendetta, rather than evidence of a crime.”

Thomas Hunt is seeking compensation of more than $25,000.

(Source: The Daily Telegram)

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