Police Crash Death Settled for $6 Million

Police Crash Death Settled for $6 Million

Michigan city agreed on Tuesday to pay the family of a man wrongfully killed during a police chase $6 million in damages.

William V. Owen IV died when traffic officer Argon Seiko crashed into his car after running a red light.

Seiko, whose job was to write traffic citations and impound cars, had joined a police chase without authorization. He was traveling 60 miles per hour – 20 mph over the speed – limit in snowy weather.

He was put on probation after pleading no contest to negligent homicide.

Last year, a jury awarded $20 million in damages to Owen’s family. The city of Dearborn and its insurer, AIG Insurance Co., appealed that order.

Chip Boyle, the attorney for the city, said he was pleased with the $6 million settlement. “It was an unfortunate tragedy that happened, and the city was responsible for that because of their employee,” he said.

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