Woman Paralyzed by Police Files Suit

Woman Paralyzed by Police Files Suit

A civil lawsuit was filed this week over the shooting of a woman by a deputy during a traffic stop. The shot hit her in the neck causing a spinal cord injury and resulting in her paralysis.

The lawsuit claims that the Harrison County sheriff deputies were not held accountable for their actions, which has created an atmosphere where excessive use of force is tolerated.

The lawsuit seeks damages for Zeta McBroom, the Mississippi woman who now suffers from quadriplegia. The damages sought include those for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and permanent disability. The husband claims the injury has also damaged their marriage.

The lawsuit names Sheriff George H. Payne Jr. and deputies Jason Brannon and John Massengill.

The Incident

Massengill attempted to stop McBroom on suspicion of drunk driving on Jan. 2. The lawsuit claims that McBroom did not want to pull over because she feared that she would be sent to jail.

According to the lawsuit, the deputies had cornered her, and that her vehicle was in park when the police began to shoot.

The deputies fired 11 shots, and one of them hit McBroom in the neck, leaving her paralyzed from the neck down.

“The only way to justify the use of this type of deadly force is to claim you or another officer were in imminent, life-threatening danger,” Giddens said. And that wasn’t the case in this instance, the lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit said, “Officer Massengill acted out of anger and frustration knowing he could exert unreasonable, excessive and deadly force.”

Giddens said, “Although the civil suit seeks monetary damages, Zeta and her husband hope this lawsuit will not only obtain justice but also will effectuate meaningful change within the sheriff’s office and prevent other tragic occurrences.”

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