Former Police Officer Claims Sexual Discrimination

Former Police Officer Claims Sexual Discrimination

An ex-policewoman has filed a lawsuit against a town in Connecticut alleging she was the victim of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Angie Ferreira who worked as an officer in the town from 2003 to 2004 claims she was subjected to lascivious comments and was wrongfully terminated because she did not “fit in.”

According to the lawsuit, several men in the department made crude sexual advances and even some woman referred to her as a “cutesy little cop.”

Ferreira filed two complaints with the state Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities and the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission nine months after she left the department. Both complaints were dismissed.

However, Ferreira seeks unspecified damages in the personal injury lawsuit she filed against the town police department. She claims the behavior of her former colleagues has caused her pain and suffering as well as significantly reduced job opportunities as a result of her problems with the police department.

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