Recall: Polly Pocket Puts Kids in Hospital

Recall: Polly Pocket Puts Kids in Hospital

Mattel has issued a product recall for 4.4 million Polly Pocket play sets, when three children were hospitalized after swallowing magnets that detached from the toys.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has received reports of 170 incidences involving small magnets falling off of Mattel’s Polly Pocket dolls and accessories. The three children who were seriously injured swallowed more than one magnet, which led to intestinal perforation. They each required surgery.

There was a similar recall last march of Mega Brands’ Magnetix magnetic building sets, which were also swallowed by children. One died, and four others were seriously injured. The company settled the lawsuits for $13.5 million.

The Polly Pocket sets contain small dolls and accessories that have one-eighth-inch magnets imbedded in the doll’s hands, feet, clothing, hair, and other accessories.

The small magnets pose a danger because they can fall out and be inhaled or swallowed by children. When more than one magnet is taken into the body, they can attach themselves to each other, which can cause intestinal perforation, fatal blockage, or infection.

About 2.4 million sets that were sold in the United States between May 2003 and September 2006 are included in the recall. The recall also affects two million play sets sold in other countries around the world.

None of the Polly Pocket play sets that are being recalled are currently on shelves.

The recalled products include:

· Polly Place Hangin’ Out House
· Spa Day, Quik-Clik Boutique
· Quik-Clik Sporty Style Playset
· Totally Zen Playset
· Polly Totally brand Polly Place Totally Tiki Diner Set
· Polly Place Treetop Clubhouse
· Quik-Clik City Pretty Playset

The commission warned that these sets should be taken away from children, and that those who bought them should contact Mattel to return the toy and obtain a voucher good for a replacement.

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