Dog Bite in Portland Scars Families

Dog Bite in Portland Scars Families

Three years ago a five-year-old girl was attacked and bitten by a police dog and is still living with the repercussions.

The German shepherd that attacked the child reportedly had a history of aggression and was under the watch of his police trainer, also the girl’s uncle, at the time of the incident.

Little Girl Becomes Victim of Police Dog

Trinity Loeb was at her uncle, Officer Scott Cunningham’s house, and Cunningham was reportedly in the yard doing yard work when he heard the attack.

Although he didn’t see what provoked his dog, Lex, he immediately called him and the dog obeyed.

However, by this time, Lex had already ripped the child’s cheek apart.

Uncle Tries to Cover up Accident

According to reports by the Loeb family, Cunningham called them when the attack happened but didn’t call an ambulance and instead of going to the closest hospital, he took his niece to a medical center in another town.

“To me, that’s damage control,” says Chris Loeb, Trinity’s father.

Family Files Suit

The Loeb’s filed a suit against the city of Gresham for the physical and emotional injuries Trinity will live with for the rest of her life; she now has a large scar across her cheek.

The Loeb family received $200,000 in a settlement from the city.

“I take responsibility for the incident occurring,” commented Cunningham. “I spent a lot of-many, many days and nights wondering what I could have done differently other than not having Lex out.”

(Source: Seattle Times)

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