Postal Service Not Exempt From Personal Injury Suits

Postal Service Not Exempt From Personal Injury Suits

In a seven to one vote, the Supreme Court has ruled that the United States Postal Service is not exempt from lawsuits brought by its recipients, involving cases of personal injury.  The case originally began when Barbara Dolan of Pennsylvania attempted to sue the Postal Service for an injury sustained when she tripped on poorly placed mail on the porch outside of her home. 

The case was dismissed by a federal district court and a Philadelphia appeals court before reaching the Supreme Court where the rulings were overturned.  The Supreme Court determined that the lower courts involved in the initial rulings had misinterpreted a federal law designed to prevent lawsuits against the Postal Service, specifically for late or damaged mail. 

The law, according to the high court, was not intended to prevent suits involving injuries caused by negligent mail delivery.  Barbara Dolan has been giving acquiescence to proceed with her lawsuit against the United States Postal Service, as a result of the ruling.  

At the time of the hearing, the court also ruled in favor of making it easier for women to sue for sexual harassment in small businesses. 

This ruling reinterpreted previous federal job-discrimination law that blurred provisions for companies with fewer than 15 people. 

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