Shooting Victim Files Premise Liability Lawsuit

Shooting Victim Files Premise Liability Lawsuit

A New Jersey woman is filing a premise liability lawsuit, claiming negligence on behalf of her apartment complex, after she was shot in the head by a stray bullet on the property last year.  The victim had been in her apartment when a stray bullet from the ground outside passed into her apartment, penetrating her head.  Her 22-month old child was in the room at the time, according to the claim.  

In addition to Whispering Waters Apartment Complex, Whispering Waters Associates and the property manager were also named as defendants in this premise liability lawsuit.  Carla Washington, the shooting victim, is claiming damages from these defendants, whom she alleges failed to hire and retain security and provide a safe environment for tenants.  

After the shooting, authorities arrested three people in connection with the crime.  A 17-year-old was charged with attempted murder for firing at the intended target.  

According to the premise liability claim, the apartment complex “took no steps to warn or protect the plaintiff or other residents…from assault, battery, and criminal activity” after numerous criminal incidents occurred on the property.  

Property owners have a duty to keep their premise safe for all those who lawfully enter and/or dwell there, in the case of an apartment complex.  This duty to keep the property safe includes protecting visitors/inhabitants from accidents as well as criminal activity.  

Washington claims to be suffering from permanent and disabling injuries including scarring of her face and scalp, scull and brain trauma, and massive headaches.  She is also seeking compensation for her son’s pain and suffering, after having to witness his mother be shot in the head.  

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