Patient Sues for Prescription Error in NY

Patient Sues for Prescription Error in NY

A patient who recently received a liver transplant has filed a suit against the New York University Medical Center for $2 million.

The man claims that the hospital’s pharmacy prescribed him the wrong medication.

Man Accuses Pharmacy of Wrongdoing

Gregory Rossini, 56, claims that he was given a medication to treat HIV when he was given a prescription for a hepatitis C medicine.

Rossini says that, due to the prescription error, his condition worsened.

“Besides chills, dizziness, fever and loss of appetite and weight, his eyes and skin turned yellow,” claims the lawsuit.

Prescription Error After Transplant

Rossini says an employee at the NYU Medical Center pharmacy made the error after he received a transplant in 2005.

He reportedly requested a prescription for Rebetol, which treats hepatitis C, and instead was given Reyataz, a drug used for patients with HIV.

Mistake Brought to Light

According to court documents, Rossini realized the mistake when he noticed the pills looked different than usual and his symptoms weren’t getting better.

The plaintiff then received a letter from Dr. Max M. Cohen two months later admitting that he had been given the wrong medication from a mislabeled bottle.

(Source: Newsday)

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