Settlement Reached in Prescription Error Suit

Settlement Reached in Prescription Error Suit

A settlement was reached in a suit filed by a woman’s family after her death early last year.

The woman suffered from a massive stroke and a prescription error is to blame for her injury and eventual death.

Family Takes Action

Doctors prescribed Beth Hippely Warfarin, a medication that thins the blood, after she was diagnosed with cancer.

She was told to take one milligram of the medication but instead was allegedly given a prescription that was 10 times stronger.

The pharmacist, Elizabeth Partlow, was reportedly not informed of the error until several years after the stroke.

According to the family’s attorney, Chris Searcy, “Beth Hippely died unnecessarily because the overdose with Warfarin by the pharmacy she trusted caused her cancer to come back with vengeance and it interrupted all of her cancer treatments.”

Compensation Awarded

Beth’s family was awarded $25.8 million in the suit; however, the award came too late seeing as the cancer already took her life.

“This is a case of profits over safety, where a company’s growth strategy resulted in a tragic error,” says Florida attorney Karen Terry.

(Source: Orlando Sentinel)

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