Prescription Error Nets $8M Jury Verdict

Prescription Error Nets $8M Jury Verdict

A jury has awarded a woman $8 million in a lawsuit over a prescription error that resulted in the loss of the use of her lone kidney.

To end a two-week trial in the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas, on Dec. 8, a judge ordered Eckerd Corporation to pay the injured Tiffany Phillips $7.7 million for its role in error.

CVS was also being sued, but they settled out of court with Phillips for an undisclosed amount, said Mike DeAngelis, CVS spokesman.

The Mix-up

Tiffany Phillips, 28, had a kidney transplant in 2002 to replace the single kidney she was born with. She went to Eckerd in Lancaster South Carolina to get a prescription for prednisone, an anti-rejection drug to help her body cope with the new organ, said Ronnie Crosby, Phillips’ attorney.

Eckerd did not have enough of the drug to fill the prescription, so an Eckerd technician called a nearby CVS to get the remainder of the medication, the suit claimed. But there was a lapse in communication between the two pharmacies, and as a result, Phillips was told to take 1250 milligrams of the drug each day for three days, instead of the intended 250 milligrams, the lawsuit said.

According to Crosby, the CVS computer flagged the prescription as unusual, but a worker manually overrode it and filled the prescription anyway.

The Injuries

As a result of the mix-up Phillips’ new kidney failed, and she had to be hospitalized again.

She underwent a second kidney transplant using a kidney from an organ donor, but according to Crosby, the new kidney isn’t as good a match as the first one. “The initial transplant was a perfect match,” Crosby said.

Phillips cannot have another kidney transplant, Crosby said. “This is it for her,” he added. “The net result is this has reduced her life expectancy.”

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