Senior at Princeton Files Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Senior at Princeton Files Sexual Assault Lawsuit

A senior attending Princeton recently filed a suit claiming she was sexually assaulted at Tiger Inn.

The suit has been filed against the University and Tiger Inn (TI) and will reportedly mark the first time that a student has brought legal action against Nassau Hall and an eating club.

Student Takes Action

The assault reportedly occurred on the night of pickups at TI and no charges were brought against the man when the incident occurred.

“My client was sexually assaulted. She required medical treatment and is seeking a remedy for what has been perpetrated against her,” says Craig Hubert, the attorney for the student who was supposedly victimized.

Suit Makes History

The suit reportedly marks the first time in history that a student has brought claims against the eating clubs for actions that have occurred on the street.

The names of both the plaintiff and the victim are being withheld in accordance with a court order issued by a New Jersey Superior Court judge.

“My client isn’t doing this only to receive some sort of compensation for herself,” explained Hubert. “She’s looking for some sort of systemic change at the Tiger Inn such that other Princeton University students and other members of Tiger inn are protected in the future.”

(Source: Daily Princetonian)

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