Wrongful Death Suit Filed After Bus Crash

Wrongful Death Suit Filed After Bus Crash

A wrongful death lawsuit was recently filed against a transportation company after a 2007 prison bus crash.

The suit was filed by the daughter of a Montana State Prison employee who was killed during the crash.

Bus Crash Takes Life

The Diamond Coach bus that crashed was reportedly transporting prison employees to work under state contract.

The driver claims that he swerved to miss hitting a deer and lost control of the vehicle.

Sonja J. Ryan, 54, was reportedly killed in the accident and 26 others were injured.

Lawsuit Claims

The wrongful death suit was filed by Jaime Ryan against Tucker Transportation.

The suit claims that Ryan’s death was the result of the bus driver’s negligence and reckless driving.

Ryan is seeking compensation for the “inattentive and careless” driving of the bus driver that took her father’s life.

(Source: Great Falls Tribune)

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