Former Prisoner Files Physical Injury Lawsuit

Former Prisoner Files Physical Injury Lawsuit

A former inmate from the Madison County Detention Center recently filed a physical injury lawsuit against Jailer Ron Devere, other jail employees and the county.

The man claims that the defendants failed to respond to his requests for medical assistance after he experienced a stroke.

Inmate Suffers from Stroke

Dwayne C. Parke, 54, reportedly suffered from a stroke while imprisoned at the detention center.

Parke was not able to move his arms and legs except to use his right leg to kick the cell door open to ask for help, claims the suit.

Requests for Assistance Ignored

According to the claim, Parke’s pleas for medical help were ignored and his cellmate allegedly was the one who called the man’s mother to tell her what had happened.

Parke’s mother claims that when she called the detention center to speak with authorities, they hung up on her.

Permanent Repercussions

“He has been left unable to speak and has suffered additional adverse and permanent physical effects and injury from the stroke and the delay in treatment,” states the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also blames Devere and the county for failing to adequately and reasonably train and supervise the deputy jailers and employees on medical issues.

Parke is seeking punitive and compensatory damages.

(Source: Richmond Register)

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