Product Safety Agency Criticized

Product Safety Agency Criticized

The product safety agency is getting criticized for taking too long to inform consumers about defective products.

According to a consumer advocacy group, the agency is putting consumers at risk by delaying their warnings.

Public Citizen Investigates

The Public Citizen recently reported that in the last five years the Consumer Product Safety Commission took more than 200 days to warn people about risks associated with defective products.

“There’s no excuse for manufacturers waiting nearly three years before telling the CPSC about a defective product that can kill people, or for the CPSC taking another seven months to negotiate a recall and warn the public,” says Joan Claybrook, the president of Public Citizen.

Products Recalled and Consumers Receive Delayed Warning

46 cases of product recalls have been reported in the last five years and the agency is being accused of delaying getting information about these products to customers.

One such product was a toy manufactured by Mattel Inc.
Another product that consumers were allegedly not informed about until too late was a treadmill made by Johnson Health Tech Co., that at various times accelerated.

The Public Citizen stated that they believe the reason for the delayed reporting is due to the fact that the CPSC is afraid of lawsuits by manufacturers.

(Source: CNN Money)

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