Professor Involved in Personal Injury Suit

Professor Involved in Personal Injury Suit

A personal injury lawsuit was recently filed against a professor from the University of Virginia.

A man, who claims the professor caused him lasting personal injuries after he was used to demonstrate a self-defense move to the class, filed the suit.

The Claim

Thomas Krappweis filed suit against James G. Clawson for allegedly putting him into a “pretzel lock” position during a class demonstration at the University of New Hampshire.

According to the suit, Krappweis experienced excruciating pain and has lasting injuries due to the injury.

Clawson reportedly asked Krappweis to come to the front of the room and asked the student to punch him.

When Krappweis slowly punched the professor in the stomach, Clawson reportedly twisted his arm, while he lifted his neck and bent him over.

“While holding Mr. Krappweis in a twisted and bent position,” explains the lawsuit, “ Dr. Clawson continued to make his ‘educational’ points and put physical pressure on Mr. Krappweis will he was twisted in the bent position.”

Results of the Injury

Krappweis claims that as a result of the injuries inflicted on him, he suffered emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life.

There have been no specifications as to the damages the plaintiff is seeking; however, in accordance with the New Hampshire state laws, Krappweis must have asked for at least $10,000 in order for the case to be filed.

(Source: Daily Progress)

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