College Professor Accused in Sexual Abuse Case

College Professor Accused in Sexual Abuse Case

A lawsuit has recently been filed against Atlantic Union College and a former choral director and music professor for supposedly sexually abusing four students and a consultant.

The alleged abuse reportedly happened between 2005 and 2006 and aside from the college, Francisco de Araujo is named as a defendant.

Suit Claims College Cover Up

The complaint also states that when college employees and contractors voiced their concern about the sexual abuse that was being reported by students, the college fired them.

According to the suit, the college was fully aware of Araujo’s history of sexual behavior with his student but failed to do anything about it.

Students Speak Up

School officials were reportedly first told about Aruajo’s behavior in 2006 when both a choir member and a fundraising consultant came forward with the allegations.

Following these allegations, two other students came forward and reported their experiences with Araujo, including instances where he pressed his body against them and touched them inappropriately.

President of the college, Norman L. Wendth is encouraging any other students who have information about Aruajo to come forward.

“Not for just these charges, but by anyone, at any time-please share that information with someone on campus you can trust, so that we can discuss and resolve these concerns,” stated Wendth in a letter to the faculty and student body at AUC.

(Source: Worchester Telegram)

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