Proposed Train Accident Settlement Approved

Proposed Train Accident Settlement Approved

A proposed settlement in a train accident lawsuit that was recently filed against Norfolk Southern Corporation on behalf of Lincoln residents and business owner, Deborah J. Brasher, has been agreed upon.

Train Crash Causes Controversy

In 2006, two trains collided near the neighborhood of Lomar Villa in Lincoln County.

One train was reportedly carrying sodium cyanide and collided with the other when it was trying to pass it on a sidetrack.

The cyanide is said to have threatened a one-mile area around the explosion site and city officials were fearful that the chemical had mixed with water.

Lawsuit Filed

Over a dozen families throughout the surrounding neighborhoods were confined to their homes since trains blocked the only access road out of the area.

A lawsuit was filed following the collision.

Some residents of the neighborhood filed the suit because they want a new road built, in case another train accident occurs in the future.

“We just want to be able to get out,” explains resident Polly Tanner.

Settlement Proposed

The proposed settlement has grouped those affected into two different classes to determine who will get what from the suit.

These two classes have been separated according to the geographical boundaries, the Evacuation Zone group and the Exposure Zone group.

According to the settlement guidelines, residents that fall into the designated groups will receive the settlement’s award, whatever that may be in accordance with each group.

(Source: The Daily Home)

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