Quadriplegic Sues over Football Injury

Quadriplegic Sues over Football Injury

A teen who sustained a serious spinal cord injury while playing football at a juvenile facility and now suffers from quadriplegia has filed a lawsuit against the facility and its employees.

Eric Betts has filed the lawsuit along with his mother Susan Betts against New Castle Youth and Development Center and seven of its employees claiming they contributed to his injuries.

The Injury

Mr. Betts came to the minimum-security center at the age of 17 in April 2006.

According to the lawsuit, Mr. Betts suffered the injury in the morning of April 29 after staff members there required him and nine other juveniles to play full contact tackle football.

According to the suit, about 20 minutes into the game, Mr. Betts attempted to tackle the juvenile returning the kickoff when he suffered the injury to his spinal cord.

“After making contact with the student who was holding the ball, plaintiff Eric Betts collapsed to the ground and suffered injuries to the bones, muscles, nerves, nervous system, brain, tendons, tissues and blood vessels of his body,” said the lawsuit.

As a result of the injury, Betts is a quadriplegic, and now resides at Woodhaven Care Center – a nursing home.  

The Suit

The lawsuit claims that the defendants were reckless, negligent, and that they displayed deliberate indifference to the plaintiff’s safety. They consciously disregarded the potential for serious injury, the suit states.

The suit seeks compensatory damages in excess of $75,000 plus punitive damages.

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