Man Accused Former Employer of Racial Discrimination

Man Accused Former Employer of Racial Discrimination

A Charleston man has filed a suit claiming he was the victim of racial discrimination by his former employer.

The man is seeking punitive and compensatory damages in the suit.

Work Environment Lacks Equality

While Bryan Smith was employed at the Union Public Service District he claims the company violated the West Virginia Human Rights Act by reportedly forcing him to do tasks unassociated with his job because of his race.

Smith, who is of African-American decent, was hired as a Wastewater Treatment Operator and was allegedly verbally abused by the white employees.

Although he confronted his co-workers about the abuse, they ignored his complaints and instead forced him to do manual labor while they supposedly played cards.

Injury In The Workplace

While Smith was mowing the lawn at work he stepped in a hole and tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

When Smith was disabled from working until his knee healed, he was given worker’s compensation; however, upon his return to work, he was instantly fired.

The Union Public Service District claims they fired Smith because he failed to obtain his Class 1 Wastewater Operator’s License, but Smith claims he still had allotted time to receive his license when he was fired.

Desired Compensation

Smith is seeking both back and front pay in the suit, including benefits and compensatory damages for emotional and mental distress.

He is also hoping to be compensated for his depression, humiliation and aggravation.

(Source: West Virginia Record)

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