Railroad Worker Files Physical Injury Suit

Railroad Worker Files Physical Injury Suit

After a man’s leg is severed while employed as a railroad worker, him and his wife filed suit against his previous employer.

Alleged Railroad Car Malfunction

Perry Ashworth’s leg was mutilated below the knee after a railroad car he was working on, rolled over him at the Huntsman Refinery.

Ashworth claims he set the manual break while working on the car, but the brake failed to work and rolled back on him unexpectedly.

Ashworth and his wife, Bambi, filed suit against his previous employer, Railserve Inc., Rescar Inc. and Huntsman Petrochemical Corp.

“The rail car rolled on the plaintiff and his leg became entangled,” says the suit. “As a result of his injuries, Ashworth was hospitalized and will be impaired for the remainder of his life.”

Details of the Suit

In the suit, which was filed earlier this week, Ashworth is citing the Federal Employer’s Liability Act and states that Railserve is to blame for his physical injuries because of their negligence in providing a safe work place for their employees.

He also names Rescar claiming they failed to properly maintain the brakes on the car.

Ashworth is suing for his medical bills, physical pain, disfigurement, and mental anguish.

His wife is also named in the suit, claiming loss of consortium.

(Source: Southeast Texas Record)

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