Ill. Governor signs product recall requirements into law

Ill. Governor signs product recall requirements into law

Illinois has become the first state to enact such comprehensive child safety notification measures into law, which was signed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Wednesday, June 8. The legislation will require manufacturers and retail merchants to proactively notify consumers of children’s product recalls.

The new amendments, according to Attorney General Lisa Madigan, will help Illinois consumers, as well as consumers across the nation, by requiring manufacturers and retail merchants to post recall notices in their stores and on their Web sites. Manufacturers and retail merchants must also alert Illinois consumers who purchased the recalled children’s products online by e-mail or by mail.

For the Illinois Department of Public Health, the law will make it easier to track recalls online and notify the public of recalls in a timely manner. The department’s Web site will also have a direct link to, where consumers are able to find recall information. The Children’s Product Safety Act was also expanded to include products intended for use by children under the age of nine, up from the previous age of six.

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