Man Injured at Work Files Suit

Man Injured at Work Files Suit

A man living in Eaton Township recently filed a suit after he lost his legs while at work.

The work accident suit has been filed against several companies, as well as the town of Bloomsburg and its recycling center.

Man Experiences Life Altering Injury

Tony Barber was supposedly working at Waste Reduction and Recycling Enterprises when he fell into a baler while he was trying to dislodge a piece of cardboard from a machine.

After enduring nine hours of surgery at the Community Medical Center, Barber was eventually forced to have his legs amputated and now wears prosthetic legs.

Suit Filed

A suit was filed against the township and the companies and seeks more than $50,000 in compensation for Barber’s injuries.

According to court documents, the recycling center was negligent for failing to inspect the baler before allowing employees to use the device.

The companies have also been cited for negligence due to the fact that they failed to put safety features on the baler and other machines in the facility.

(Source: New-Age Examination)

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