Solution Reduces Secondary Brain Injury

Solution Reduces Secondary Brain Injury

Researchers have found a special hemoglobin solution, when administered shortly after the initial trauma, can significantly reduce the impact of secondary brain injury in patients with traumatic brain injury or TBI.  In addition to the initial trauma caused by traumatic brain injuries, secondary brain injury—such as intracranial bleeding and pressure—can severely compromise a patient’s outcome.  

Traumatic brain injury is one of the most common and devastating injuries suffered by car accident victims.   

This solution—a form of balanced salt solution containing chemically stable hemoglobin from cows or humans—is designed to increase the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissues and body systems. This solution carries the same amount of oxygen as the hemoglobin in the human red blood cell.  An addition benefit to this solution is that it can remain stable for up to three years at room temperature.  

To determine the effects of this treatment on traumatic brain injury, researchers conducted animal studies in which the subjects were treated with either the hemoglobin solution or a standard treatment called lactated Ringer’s (LR).  While the hemoglobin solution did not alleviate the damage caused by the initial trauma, it did appear to reduce the severity of secondary brain injury.  

According to Dr. Guy Rosenthal, one of the principle researchers of this study, this treatment may offer the most significant benefit in combat situations and those in rural settings where blood transfusion is not possible or transportation times are significant.  

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