Doctor Sued for Repeated Sexual Harassment

Doctor Sued for Repeated Sexual Harassment

A lawsuit has been filed against a respected family doctor by seven women alleging several instances of sexual harassment.

The female patients, clinicians, and nurses filed the lawsuit against Dr. Blowers, a Minnesota doctor at an Allina Clinic.

The 20-page lawsuit claimed that the doctor committed the following misdeeds:

·    He talked about “playing with himself” on many occasions.
·    He put his stethoscope into his pants and pulled it out through his front zipper to mimic a penis and said, “Come get it if you want it.”
·    He called women “broads”,”bitches,” and “stupid.”
·    He put his fingers in patients’ vaginas and “moved them around inappropriately.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages of an undisclosed amount.

The Investigation

The lawsuit claims that in the plaintiffs’ investigation, they learned there have been allegations against the doctor going back ten years.

According to the lawsuit, the bosses at the clinic dismissed the complaints the women made, telling them that Dr. Blowers was just kidding and that they were too timid. He told them they should ignore it or let it go.

The lawsuit also claims that the plaintiffs discovered an internal memo between doctors saying that Allina was covering up for the doctor the same way the Catholic Church covers up for its pedophiles.

A spokesperson for the Allina facility said it is conducting its own internal investigation into the matter.

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