Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Rice University

Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Rice University

A family filed a wrongful death lawsuit Sept. 23, 2008 on behalf of a Rice University football player who died during practice two years ago. Dale Lloyd II, 19-year-old defensive back, collapsed during a conditioning workout, Sept. 24, 2006, and died the next day.

Lawsuit Claims Death was Result of Negligence

According to the lawsuit, Lloyd’s death was linked to sickle-cell trait and should have been caught and properly treated. The lawsuit blames, in part, the university’s medical screening process for not catching Lloyd’s condition. Team doctors and assistant coaches are also named in the lawsuit for negligence along with two nutritional supplement manufacturers.

According to the lawsuit, the coaches should have suspected something was wrong with Lloyd before he collapsed. The lawsuit claims that he was showing signs of “distress” during a rigorous workout moments before he passed out — running 16 100-yard sprints (each in a maximum of 18 seconds).

Family Seeks Compensation

The family is suing the defendants for medical costs and funeral bills as well as the loss of Lloyd’s future earnings. They are also seeking compensation for emotional trauma caused by his sudden death.

University Officials Deny Negligence

Rice University officials stated that the school “will defend itself vigorously against this litigation.” They added that they feel they acted responsibly at the time of the accident and feel as if they did everything they could.

(Source: Houston Chronicle)

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