Controversial Railroad Crossing Outside Safeco Filed

Controversial Railroad Crossing Outside Safeco Filed

The story of a woman who got struck by a train while crossing the railroad tracks outside of Safeco Field in Seattle is getting a lot of attention theses days.

The woman’s train accident is the fourth that has occurred at this particular railroad crossing since 2000.

Woman Struck On Way to Work

The 39-year-old woman who was struck by the train while at the intersection of South Royal Brougham Way and Fourth Avenue South was reportedly on her way to work when she sustained the critical injuries.

According to reports, Rebecca Hale worked as an elevator host in the Mariners stadium and was on her way to work at the time of the accident.

The crossing has apparently been controversial for transportation and city of Seattle officials since before it opened in 1999.

Not the First Accident

Hale was the fourth person who has been struck by a train at this crossing since 2000.

One of the victims was reportedly killed when crossing the tracks while the others suffering critical injuries.

A man from California, who was struck at the crossing, filed a lawsuit in 2004 against the state Transportation Department and the Mariners.

Increased Railroad Safety in the Works

Since before Safeco Field opened, city officials have been attempting to improve traffic safety around the safety for visitors.

A project that began in 2003 was designed to create a separate road for pedestrians that would enable them not to have to cross the tracks.

However, funding for the plan was short and the project has been temporarily put on hold.

(Source: The Seattle Times)

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