Sailor Sues Navy over Birth Injury

Sailor Sues Navy over Birth Injury

A Navy man and his family have filed a $150 million claim against the Navy claiming that medical malpractice on the part of Naval Hospital Jacksonville physicians resulted in their child’s serious birth injuries.

According to Sean Cronin, the lawyer representing Joseph and Kendra Alcorn, the injuries their son Gavin sustained were caused by lack of oxygen during birth. As a result, the child has developed cerebral palsy, and cannot talk, walk, or see.

The Events

According to Cronin, when Gavin was delivered at the Naval hospital, he was not breathing and his limbs were blue.

Gavin was soon transferred to a Jacksonville civilian hospital. Doctors there performed an MRI scan on the baby and determined that the baby suffered brain damage during birth, according to Cronin.

Cronin said that while cerebral palsy can be caused by many factors, the specific type of cerebral palsy Gavin developed is linked specifically with lack of oxygen during pregnancy. Congenital cerebral palsy damages large areas of the brain, while Gavin suffered only localized damage, said Cronin.

Shifting Blame

According to Cronin, the hospital is trying to escape liability by shifting the blame to the mother. The hospital claimed that the mother’s use of tobacco and prescription medications caused the child’s illnesses.

“There is no evidence that this is a congenital defect,” said Cronin. “All evidence indicates that this was caused by asphyxiation. I am extremely disappointed that the hospital is attempting to blame the victim. This is an attempt to smear the family and not be accountable for their own actions.”

The Naval hospital has been involved in several medical malpractice suits since 2000. According to the Navy Times, medical malpractice at that hospital has resulted in 12 patient deaths and four disabilities.

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