Door-to-door salesperson charged with sexual assault

Door-to-door salesperson charged with sexual assault

In San Jose, California, a magazine subscription salesperson has been charged with sexually assaulting a 74-year-old woman in her own home.  The police have not yet released the a photo or other identifying information about the suspect, believing it may affect the memory of other victims who have not yet reported similar assaults to police.  The suspect may be connected to similar offenses in surrounding communities. 

Police say the offender came to the woman’s home on December 30, persuading her to let him into her home.  Then, the offender grabbed her and forced her into a back bedroom, where he sexually assaulted her.  Immediately following the attack, the woman phoned her husband who immediately called the police.  The police detained the suspect shortly thereafter, and the woman was able to identify the man in a police line-up. 

The suspect has also been booked on possible burglary charges. 

This arrest comes just a few weeks after officials in several nearby cities warned residents about door-to-door salespeople and an increased rate of burglaries and assaults in recent months. 

In October 2004, an 80-year-old woman opened her door to a 19-year-old magazine subscription salesperson.  This man attempted to sexually assault her, but his attempt was thwarted when neighbors heard the woman’s screams.   

To prevent the risk of sexual assault from door-to-door salespeople, officials recommend the following precautions:
- always keep your doors locked, even when you are at home;
- never open the door to unknown people: when possible speak through the door or window;
- never let a strange person into your home;
- ask salespeople if they have a permit to be conducting business door-to-door;
- if a stranger knocks on the door, let your presence be known;
- and, report any strange behavior to police as soon as possible.

Many cities have anonymous hotlines where you can provide information about this type of attack over the phone.  Police and other officials are also available to help.  If you or a loved one has been sexually assaulted, you may wish to contact an attorney who can protect your legal interests.  

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