Parents Sue over School Bus Death

Parents Sue over School Bus Death

The parents of a two-year-old girl who died in a school bus accident have filed a lawsuit against the bus driver.

“The whole thing reeks of negligence,” said Arturo Gonzalez, the family’s attorney.

The suit names the 53-year-old bus driver, Ernan Rodriguez, and the county as defendants.

What Happened?

Audryana Gonzalez, two, was waiting for her four-year-old sister, Syria, at a bus stop with her mother. When Syria got off the bus, the driver quickly closed the door and started driving, according to the suit.

At that moment, Audryana pulled away from her mother and ran into the bus’ path, according to a witness.

According to Gonzalez, Audryana was knocked to the floor, and then run over by the bus. She was pronounced dead where she lay.

“It happened so quickly,” said Ana Rios, 15, who saw it happen. “The mom was hitting the bus, telling [the driver] to stop. Then the driver had his head on the steering wheel. I think he was in shock.

The Suit

The California Highway Patrol determined that the toddler was at fault, but Gonzalez said he is confident that the bus driver broke state laws and failed to take appropriate precautions. He also said he feels confident he can convince the jury on the matter.

The suit names the bus driver and the county as defendants. It also says the county should “better train its bus drivers,” and re-evaluate its safety policies.

The suit claims that the mother and sister are still traumatized.

The suit also claims Rodriguez failed to observe several laws and school bus driver responsibilities, such as making sure all pedestrians are “a safe distance from the school bus before setting the school bus in motion.”

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