Parents File Sexual Assault Suit in Maryland

Parents File Sexual Assault Suit in Maryland

A lawsuit was recently filed for the sexual assault of a special needs child on a school bus.

The child’s parents filed the suit against a Maryland school bus company for the injuries that were inflicted on their son.

Lawsuit Details

The suit claims that the seven-year-old child was abused by a 17-year-old described as a “sexual predator.”

According to the suit, the accused teenager had a history of sexual misconduct.

A teaching assistant was reportedly required to ride the bus with the student to supervise him and prevent incidents like this from happening.

However, the suit claims the teaching assistant wasn’t on the bus that day which left the plaintiff and other children in the hands of the bus driver.

Injuries Inflicted

The lawsuit says that as the result of the sexual assault, the plaintiff has suffered severe physical and emotional injuries.

The child’s parents are blaming the driver of the bus for being negligent and not protecting their child.

They are seeking compensation for their child’s mental and physical injuries.


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