First Lawsuit Filed in Miami Seaplane Crash

First Lawsuit Filed in Miami Seaplane Crash

The first lawsuit has been filed in the case of the Chalk’s Ocean Airways flight that crashed into the Ocean near Miami.

A Bahamian national whose wife and child were both killed in the seaplane crash is suing the airline. Some 20 people were killed in the crash that took place on December 19 of last year. John Ruiz, the attorney in the lawsuit, said that he filed the legal motion on behalf of his client Kendrick Sherman and eight other passengers onboard the aircraft. Ruiz also stated that all passengers onboard were equally entitled to any settlement awards because of the crash.

Sergio Danguillecourt, an heir and family member to the rum company Bacardi, was the last remaining passenger identified and discovered dead in the ocean. Ruiz made suggestions that lawyers for the Bacardi and Danguillecourt families would undoubtedly seek a much higher damage amount than other families’ lawyers would be able to.

The company has a capped insurance policy of $50 million dollars and may be the only compensation that any of the victims receive.

The suit by Ruiz seeks class-action status, which means that all passengers and their next of kin would be represented in one lawsuit. Ruiz stated that he is concerned about claims made by Danguillecourt’s family based on the rum heir’s substantial potential future earnings that could either bankrupt Chalk’s or make any claims by any other passengers null and void.

Chalk’s Ocean Airways has suspended flying any additional flights pending an investigation and inspection of the airlines’ fleet.

The United States National Transportation Safety Board is conducting an extensive investigation that they say will take at least six more months to complete.

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