Seattle Crane Accident Provokes Change

Seattle Crane Accident Provokes Change

A year after a crane accident killed a man at the Bellevue apartment building in Seattle, the building has been altered, physically and legally.

The 210-foot crane allegedly collapsed into the apartment building, killing a man inside and also damaging a nearby building on its way down.

Crane Accident Details

The crane accident reportedly happened after working hours in November 2006.

The crane fell to the southeast, where it crushed and killed Matthew Ammons in his top-floor unit.

After several crane inspections were conducted, three other Bellevue cranes were found to have cracks and one of them was even dismantled.

Legal Effects of the Tragedy Still Unfold

Last spring, a state investigation found that the collapse was caused by a flawed engineering design.

The state Department of Labor Industries (L&I) discovered that the collapse was due to flawed engineering in the crane base, which ultimately led to metal fatigue.

A new state law is planned to take effect in January 2010 that will require licensing for crane operators and certification for crane installations.

The state of Washington also imposed $14, 800 in fines on the two firms who were involved in the construction of the apartment building: Lease Crutcher Lewis and Magnusson Klemencic Associates.

(Source: The Seattle Times)

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