Family Seeks Justice for Death of Daughter

Family Seeks Justice for Death of Daughter

The family of a 21-year-old girl who was killed on an amusement park ride in Rye, New York is blaming the park’s owners and operators for their loss.

The girl worked as a ride operator at Playland Amusement Park and after discovering the cause of her death from a state report, her family is hoping to see justice served.

Ride Gone Wrong

Late last week the state Labor Department issued a report accusing the second ride operator of starting up the Mind Scrambler even though his co-worker, Gabriela Garin, was not properly seated.

The report also puts blame upon the owner’s of the ride, S&L Amusements, for not efficiently training their workers.

Garin was reportedly thrown from the ride after seating the other passengers and boarding an empty car.

“They killed our family, not just my daughter,” explains Jose Flores, Gabriela’s father.

Conflicting Reports

According to witnesses, Garin was kneeling backward and dancing on the seat before the accident occurred.

However, Garin’s family rejects these accusations claiming their daughter was too responsible to have violated the park’s rules.

Gabriela was a student at Westchester Community College and lived with her parents and 2-year-old daughter in White Plains.

She worked at the park for six years and her parents and sister have all worked there throughout the years.

(Source: The Journal News)

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