Settlement Reached in Brain Injury Case

Settlement Reached in Brain Injury Case

A man who worked as a general contractor on a water-supply–tunnel project, recently settled in the brain injury case he filed after falling while at work.

The case, which was recently settled, awarded the man $3.3 million for the injuries that he endured and now has to live with.

The Workplace Accident

The 40-year-old man worked lowering metal tubes into shafts in order to reinforce the walls of tunnels.

The plaintiff was reportedly climbing a ladder when he was struck by a shackle and fell nearly 10 feet to the ground.

The Plaintiff’s Claims

The man, who was rushed to the hospital after the incident, reportedly showed no sign of brain injuries in his CT scans; however, after being discharged from the hospital, he began experiencing painful headaches.

For months after the incident, the plaintiff reportedly was continuing to get piercing headaches and was eventually given a PET scan, which depicted him as having brain injuries.

The man claims that the area in which he was working was extremely dark and unsafe for his line of work.

He claims that he was continuing to experience headaches for months after the accident and became super sensitive to sound and began to lose some of his memory.

PET Scan Shows Brain Trauma

Although the man’s CT scan showed nothing wrong with his brain, another type of detector, the Positron Emission Tomography test (PET), showed that the man had a significant amount of brain injury as the result of the accident.

The PET scan is reportedly able to measure the brain’s waves to detect whether they are slow or not by an injection of sugar water and radioactive dye that enables doctors to see if the brain is absorbing things or if there’s a slowing in the brain’s reaction.

(Source: The Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly)

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