$2.5M Settlement Reached in Burn Injury Case

$2.5M Settlement Reached in Burn Injury Case

A settlement was recently reached in a case filed by a man who reportedly suffered from burn injuries while at work.

The suit, which was filed by a man living in Joliet, IL, claimed that the company was negligent and failed to provide a safe working environment for their employees.

Man Burned at Work

Refugio Martinez was supposedly working at a Joliet job site when he was asked to repair a leaking fuel line.

During the repair, fuel reportedly leaked onto his pants and several hours later while he was loading steel a piece of steel stuck to his pants as well.

A spark from the torch he was using then ignited the fuel causing him to endure serious burns to the lower half of his body.

Lawsuit Blames Former Employers

Sand Spring Metal Processing Corp., Amos Liquidators, Inc., and Amos Iron Recycling Corp., are among the defendants named in the suit.

The lawsuit blames the companies for failing to maintain a safe workplace and failing to provide employees with protective clothing and firefighting equipment. 

 “The settlement will provide him with the means to take care of his family and future medical care needs,” says Martinez’s attorney, Donald R. McGarrah.

(Source: Suburban Chicago News)

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