Six Million Dollar Settlement for Tragic Car Accident

Six Million Dollar Settlement for Tragic Car Accident

An Arizona mother has been awarded $6 million for the tragic car accident that left her five-month-old son with lifelong brain injuries, and her 13-year-old son with a broken leg. Reports from the Arizona Department of Public Safety state that the accident occurred when Peter Robins, a 61-year-old man veered across the center lane in his pickup truck and struck the car carrying the father and two sons.

According to Steven D. Copple, an attorney representing the Youngblood family, the now 13-month-old baby suffered irreversible damage to the brain that has left him blind and only able to eat with a feeding tube.He responds to stimulus and he can track sounds, especially his parents’ voices, but the degree of understanding he will have won’t be known for some period of time,” commented Copple.

Daryl Audilett, the defense attorney representing Peter Robins alleges that the accident was the result of an unknown medical condition that the defendant suffers from. Mr. Robbins passed out due to an unknown and unanticipated event, a seizure. Two neurologists said he couldn’t have anticipated what happened,” defense attorney Audilett commented.

Nonetheless, the settlement was reached due to a mutual understanding of the severity of the damage. This agreement wasn’t made because Mr. Robbins did anything wrong or because he could’ve predicted what went wrong. If it was a case of a few broken bones, we may have let it play out in court,” added Audilett.

According to medical records, there is only a small part of Colton’s brain that is still active.His condition is not expected to improve with time.

The $3 million, to be paid by Robbin’s insurance company, will be used to cover the Youngblood’s medical expenses.

“At the end of the day we had to evaluate whether a jury would say ‘Send these people home with no money,’ and realistically, they probably wouldn’t have done that,” Audilett said. And once a jury decides to give money, it’s not going to be thousands, it’s going to be millions.

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