$6M Settlement Reached in Suit Against Ford

$6M Settlement Reached in Suit Against Ford

A settlement was recently reached in a case filed against Ford due to the car accident injuries a man sustained while riding in an Aerostar van.

The man suffered from severe injuries and blamed the manufactures for improperly making the car.

The Crash

When the plaintiff, Julian Felipe, was a teenager he was riding with his mother, Mirtha, in their Aerostar van when one of the tires blew out, causing Mirtha to lose control.

Julian was in the front passenger seat with his seatbelt on when the car rolled over.

The roof reportedly crushed downward, hitting Felipe’s head and causing permanent spinal injuries and paralysis of the legs.

Lawsuit Filed

According to the claim, Ford knew the Aerostar had a tendency to roll over after tires blowout.

“As designed, the seat belt would give and not hold the passenger firmly in place during a rollover incident,” explained the complaint. “This allowed Julian to get closer to the roof when the roll over occurred.”

Some of Ford’s own experts even testified at the trial explaining that since 1968, the company knew that people past a certain height were at risk for neck injuries in a van or truck rollover.

“The automaker put profits over people in building the 1993 minivan with insufficient roof strength,” stated Felipe’s attorney, Ervin A. Gonzalez.

(Source: Findlaw)

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