Settlement Reached in Slip and Fall Case

Settlement Reached in Slip and Fall Case

A settlement was reached regarding the slip and fall accident that happened at the workplace of the plaintiff.

The woman was reportedly injured as a result of the incident and sued her employer and the janitorial service that mopped the floor.

Accident at Work

Pauline Barnett was reportedly working when she slipped and fell on a wet floor at TJ Maxx, where she was employed.

Barnett filed a civil lawsuit against TJ Maxx claiming that they failed to provide a safe working environment for their employers.

Settlement Compensates Injured Plaintiff

In the settlement, Barnett reportedly received $140,000 in worker’s compensation.

In addition, she reportedly received damages from the janitorial company she also held responsible in her suit.

American Casualty, the company who insured TJ Maxx was required to pay the majority of the settlement to Barnett.

(Source: The Southeast Texas Record)

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