U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announces provision settlement

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announces provision settlement

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced Rose Art Industries must pay a $300,000 penalty for failing to report important product safety information to the Commission about a defect in its soap making kits that led to injuries to young children.

Rose Art made and sold about 125,000 Glamour Gear Soap Making Kits nationwide between August 1997 and December 2001. Intended for children ages eight and older, a defect in the plastic cup to melt soap chunks allowed the cup to deform or develop a hole in the bottom when heating the soap in the microwave, creating serious burn hazards to children.

Rose Art received 10 reports of children who were burned by hot soap while removing the plastic cup from the microwave between January 1998 and January 2002, but the firm did not alert CPSC about the defect, injuries and the resulting civil litigation against the company until February 2002. The majority of the children suffered second and third degree burns.

The CPSC and Rose Art announced a recall of the soap kits in March 2002.

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