Man Wins $2.2M Settlement after his Fall

Man Wins $2.2M Settlement after his Fall

A man who fell and suffered a serious brain injury in a Pennsylvania construction accident has settled his lawsuits with four defendants for $2.2 million.

The lawsuits began when Gheorghe Teglas, a Romanian national, fell in March 2001. According to the lawsuits, several parties were negligent in providing a safe working environment and ensuring Teglas’ safety while he worked in an exchange visitor electrical training program.

The lawsuit, filed by Teglas’ attorney, Gladys E. Wiles, held that the defendants violated safety and occupational health standards. It also claimed that Teglas was used as an employee instead of as a trainee, and that he was put to work in a hazardous environment.

The Incident

Teglas had come to the United States with three other Romanians to study electrical contracting business management, according to court records.

The suit claimed that he was standing on an elevated mezzanine removing light fixtures at a construction site. He fell off the edge of an unfinished portion of the mezzanine 15 feet to the concrete floor below.

The suit claimed that the mezzanine was installed negligently, and that there were no warnings of danger, or appropriate safety measures taken, such as the installation of guard ropes along the edges to prevent falls.

As a result of Teglas’ fall, he suffered a brain injury and numerous fractures. He was forced to undergo many surgeries and therapy. He also had to relearn how to perform basic personal tasks, and needed help performing certain daily functions. He can no longer work, said Wiles.

The Settlements

Teglas reached a $1.5 million settlement in February of 2005, and a $665,000 settlement in September. Among the defendants were Brandywine Realty Trust, which owned the property; Ondra-Huyett Associates Inc., which was the construction manager; and Eastern Strut, which was contracted with Ondra-Huyett for the construction of the mezzanine.

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