Sex Abuse Victim Awarded $8.4 Million

Sex Abuse Victim Awarded $8.4 Million

A teenage girl who was sexually abused by the landlord of her apartment building was awarded $8.4 million in damages by a Marin County jury last week.

The 16-year-old girl, whose name remains anonymous, endured years of sexual abuse at the hands of Steven Greenberg, the owner of the apartment building where the girl lived with her widowed mother.

Greenberg began spending time with the girl when she was nine years old, frequently inviting her to his private home in San Rafael over the next several years. The girl’s mother believed the relationship to be harmless.

“The mother simply thought that this guy was very good for her,” said the girl’s lawyer, Joseph Carcione.

However, when the young girl started skipping school, a school official suspected molestation. As a result, Daly City police conducted a search of Greenberg’s home. Soon thereafter, Greenberg killed himself by intentionally crashing his small plane into Sonoma Mountain.

The jury held the Greenberg’s estate liable for compensatory damages, including pain and suffering, therapy, and education. Because Greenberg is dead, the girl was not able to seek punitive damages.

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