Abuse Claims Reach Settlement

Abuse Claims Reach Settlement

In the second-largest settlement reached in five years regarding abuse, the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego agreed to a nearly $200 million settlement in the sexual abuse case.

The settlement will be distributed among the 144 people who were suing for the sexual abuse they reportedly endured.

Settlement Long Overdue

Although victims felt relieved that the settlement was reached, many believe it was long overdue.

“They knew all along that I’d been molested, so to put me through this is unconscionable,” explains Michael Bang, one of the many victims.

Initially, the San Diego diocese offered to settle for $95 million; however, the victims were not willing to budge on their desired $200 million.

Church Hopes to Maintain Structure

The church claims they were just as eager to settle the claims and to put this unfortunate issue behind them.

According to Bishop Robert Brom, the church also wanted to settle the lawsuits fairly while attempting to maintain the programs and services offered.

“We pray that this settlement will bring some closure and healing to the years of suffering experienced by these victims,” says Brom.

Victims Trying to Heal

“We shouldn’t have had to go through this,” states Betty Schneider, a resident of Temecula who claims she was molested as 10-year-old member of her church’s choir. “ I have grandkids the same age as I was, and I hope all this helps kids to be protected better than we were protected.”

(Source: Forbes)

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